chapter23 the great war lecture

chapter23 the great war lecture - Chapter 23 The Great War...

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July 11, 2007 Chapter 23: The Great War Quiz tomorrow on imperialism and today’s lecture Reasons why the US became involved in World War One: 1. we wanted to bring democracy to the world 2.The sinking of the Lusitania and the Zimmerman telegram challenged American neutrality Political basis for declaring neutrality: Monroe doctrine and Roosevelt corollary said we had no basis for going over into Europe; it was counterproductive to our foreign policy Economists agreed that neutrality would help our economy: we could trade with everybody Sinking of the Lusitnia had some people rethinking neutrality after the sinking of the lusiania Germans had told the world that they were going to sink any passenger ships carrying explosives Ship went down very fast, evidence that there really were explosives on ship England’s blockade of German water routes, Lusitania and Zimmerman telegraph challenged our neutrality Germany blockade made our neutrality into farce Zimmerman and lusisitania pushed us toward war Cause of America entering war: Russian revolution displaced Tzar Nichols, now there was liberal democracy in his place
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chapter23 the great war lecture - Chapter 23 The Great War...

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