Chap 1 - electronegative atom (e.g. N, O, F). Van der...

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Chap 1 Common Ancestry - similarity between all forms of life on earth. 3 domains 1. Eukarya- have nucleus, aerobic ,multicellular (i.e. people trees yeast malaria) 2. Archea- no nucleus , found in extreme conditions,(i.e. single celled organisms) 3. Bacteria- small compact, no nucleus, prokaryotes (i.e. gram +/-) Stromatolites- photosynthesizing colonies that put O2 in the air. Banded Iron - iron that can only be dissolved in H2O under anaerobic conditions *both show earth use to be anaerobic* Nucleoside – base + sugar Nucleotide – base + sugar + phosphate Structures of 4 bases A T G C
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Right and Left Helices Covalent = Strong Non-covalent = weak (4) Electrostatic interactions - charge to charge interaction in a molecule Hydrogen Bonding- Hydrogen bonding occurs when a hydrogen atom is attached to an
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Unformatted text preview: electronegative atom (e.g. N, O, F). Van der Waals- Attractive forces that arise between particles as a result of momentary imbalances in the distribution of electrons in the particles. These imbalances produce fluctuating dipoles that can induce similar dipoles in nearby particles, generating a net attractive force. Hydrophobic Effect - property that nonpolar molecules tend to self-associate in the presence of aqueous solution @ equilibrium H= T S H = enthalpy (heat content) T= temp in K S = entropy (disorder) Not @ equilibrium G= Hsystem= T System - G = spontaneous + G = non spontaneous 0 G = @ equilibrium Henderson Hasselbalch eqn = pH = pKa + log ([A]/[HA])...
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Chap 1 - electronegative atom (e.g. N, O, F). Van der...

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