Week 1 Lecture Outlines

Week 1 Lecture Outlines - 1 CHERISE LUCAS John Martin T-R...

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CHERISE LUCAS John Martin T-R 1pm -2:20 Lecture Biology 231 Human Anatomy and Physiology Lecture Outline Week 1 Introduction, Organization and Terms I. Introduction A. Definitions 1. Anatomy= Is the study of structure 2. Physiology = Is the study of Function II. Birth of Science A. Methods 1. Inductive= Making observations until capable of drawing generalization 2. Hypothetico-Deductive= ask question and formulate a hypothesis 3. Experimental Design B. Peer-review 1. Significance from health care perspective = Critical review by individuals with in the same 2. Process =That validates data generated by researcher C. Evolution 1. Requirements =Change in genetic composition of a population of organisms. 2. Implications= Observations in nature 3. Supporting evidence= Fossils record,vestigial apparatus,Molecular gentics,Observations in nature III. Approaches to Anatomy 2. Gross anatomy = anything you observe with your eyes 3. Surface anatomy and palpation= Physical examination 4. Imaging – non invasive a. Radiographic = provides detailed information about the internal system in living individual 1
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b. Others:
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Week 1 Lecture Outlines - 1 CHERISE LUCAS John Martin T-R...

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