COR100 Test 1 Review Sheet

COR100 Test 1 Review Sheet - COR100 Test#1 Review Sheet...

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COR100 Test #1 Review Sheet 1763-- Proclamation of 1763- a line that restricted whites from settling west of the Appalachian Mountains. Prevented fighting/interaction with the Indians. Allowed British government to have better control of the whites. 1764-- Sugar Act- act passed by Parliament that taxed foreign goods such as sugar, coffee, wine, etc. 1765-- Stamp Act- a direct tax placed by Parliament that made all paper and paper-material objects more expensive. Taxation without representation. 1767-- Townshend Duty Acts- an external tax on imported goods such as tea, paper, paint, lead, and glass. Caused more homespun clothing. Initiated the Boston Massacre. 1770-- Boston Massacre- started when the Americans pelted British soldiers with sticks and stones. The British shot back. The massacre resulted in a “ Quiet Period ”. 1773-- Tea Act- allowed the British East India Company to sell colonies tax-free tea, in hopes of tricking them into paying the Townshend Duties 1774-- Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts)- consisted of 5 acts that severely repressed the colonists. This was Britain’s response to the Boston Tea Party. 1) Boston Port Act —Blockade. Had to supply each other. Nothing came in or out. 2) Massachusetts Government Act 3) Quartering Act —private property was taken away for troops to live in. 4) Administration of Justice Act 5) Quebec Act 1775-- (Battle of) Lexington and Concord- the battle that marked the American Revolution. British destroyed American military supplies.
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John Locke- a great influence during the Enlightenment period. Believed in life,
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COR100 Test 1 Review Sheet - COR100 Test#1 Review Sheet...

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