COR100 Test 2 Review Sheet

COR100 Test 2 Review Sheet - COR-100 TEST 2 REVIEW James...

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COR-100 TEST 2 REVIEW James Madison- Began the idea of checks and balances . Was against British aristocracy (corruption). Helped to create Republican party. Wrote the first 10 amendments. Judicial Review- the power to reject the enforcement of a law if it does not comply with the Constitution. Gitlow vs. New York (1925) - Gitlow tried to hand out pamphlets (“Left-Wing Manifesto”) that had communist-type ideas to overthrow the government. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Gitlow because of the 14 th Amendment and “personal rights”. Bad Tendency Doctrine - says that distasteful / demeaning speech cannot be punished , because doing so would limit freedom of speech. (Bad Tendency idea didn’t work out) The Preserved Position Doctrine- says that when discussing a situation where there are many amendments, the First Amendment will be first taken into consideration (1 st Amendment priority) Libel- to write slander about something/someone. Newspapers never used to do this in fear of getting sued. Smith Act of 1940 - this act forbade anyone from trying to or having the intentions of overthrowing the government. Wobblies (1905)- a nickname for a group called Industrial Workers of the World (IWW)… included miners, lumberjacks, farmers, etc)… They wanted to establish a workers society. National Rifle Association (NRA) 1871 - created by Church and Wingate. It is a highly active interest group with nearly 3 million members. The purpose of the NRA is to promote firearm safety, protect
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course COR 100 taught by Professor Ronalds during the Fall '07 term at Staten Island.

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COR100 Test 2 Review Sheet - COR-100 TEST 2 REVIEW James...

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