COR100 Test 3 Review Sheet

COR100 Test 3 Review Sheet - COR Test 3 Review Sheet 1) The...

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COR Test 3 Review Sheet 1) The Underground Railroad- A secret underground tunnel which led from the South to the North. It had safe houses for runaway slaves to stay in for the night. Quakers and anti- slavery whites and blacks helped with the railroad. 2) Nat Turner- A literate black man who led “Nat Turner’s Rebellion”, a rebellion in Virginia where many slaves angrily avenged and killed white civilians and oppressors. 3) Slave Codes- Rules that gave slave owners nearly full power and control over slaves (“property”). These also told the ‘status’ of slaves. 4) “King Cotton”- a nickname for the South. They were called this because it was a one- crop economy. It was an immense producer of cotton. 5) Southern Yeomanry- a nickname for the society of Southern Whites farmers that owned multiple slaves. They were self-sufficient, grew food crops, and made their own clothes, shoes, etc. 6) Abolitionists- people involved in a political movement against the practice of slavery and slavery owning 7) Gradualists- people who believed that change can be brought through small, gradual means. They believed that big changes like revolutions and major rebellions would not work well. 8) Free-Soilers- members of the Free-Soil Party, a group led by former president Martin Van Buren. Group consisted of Conscience Whigs, northern Democrats, and the old Liberty party. Believed in free: soil, speech, labor, and men. Their purpose was to fight against the South’s violations toward blacks. 9) Compromise of 1850- an agreement that tried to solve problems involving territory. There were laws that declared a certain state free or a slave state. They did this in order to keep the U.S. territory at a balance. 10) Stephen Douglas-
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COR100 Test 3 Review Sheet - COR Test 3 Review Sheet 1) The...

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