The Allegory of the Cave (Study Sheet)

The Allegory of the Cave (Study Sheet) - goes back to tell...

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The Allegory of the Cave (Study Sheet) 1) BASIC FACTS - Plato, written in c. 360 BCE. - Written in Ancient Greek & Western culture. - Discusses Political Science/Political Theory. - Plato’s ideas are similar to Sophicles and Homer. 2) PURPOSE OF TEXT - To make people aware that seeing with the eye is different from seeing with the mind. 3) CHARACTER LIST/HISTORICAL PEOPLE - Socrates… Plato’s teacher - Glaucon… Plato’s older brother - Prisonner… People in general 4) PLOT There are prisonners in a cave who have been chained since childhood by their legs and necks. They are unable to see the mouth of the cave where there is light. They can only see darkness and the shadows of animals and statues. Behind them there is fire and a low wall. Echoes can be heard. Then, a prisonner is released but is blinded by the light. He is unable to see and define the objects outside because he had seen its shadows all his life. When his eyes are adjusted, he begins to accept the objects as the “real reality” and is sympathetic for the prisonners. He would be killed by them if he
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Unformatted text preview: goes back to tell them about the real reality (outside world). 5) SYMBOLIC MEANINGS- Shadows = what we first see- Coming out of cave = a person beginning to think more deeply, percieving objects beneath the surface, new ideas (?) 6) DEFINITION OF ALLEGORY/WHY IS IT AN ALLEGORY?- Allegory = a story with an extended metaphor. Contains second meaning.- The text is allegorical because the symbols such as the prisonners, cave/shadow, etc. all represent something other than the literal definition. 7) THE ELEMENTS REPRESENT- Cave/shadows = visual perception- Outside objects = the true images of the objects, a new idea 8) SIGNIFICANCE OF TEXT The Allegory of the Cave is important because it shows that people mistake what we see in the world for reality, when it is really not. 9) WHYD IT LAST FOR NEARLY 2500 YEARS? It lasted for nearly 2500 years because this idea can be applied to many aspects in life. We may see things so much that we start believing it to be real and the truth....
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The Allegory of the Cave (Study Sheet) - goes back to tell...

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