Free Will - The Problem of Free Will As with the problem of...

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The Problem of Free Will As with the problem of moral truth, let’s begin with the “received opinion.” Received view among intelligencia: We are not free Received view among the public: We are free Some prominent facts about our world in 2008 1. Biochemicals and the brain a. If you can take a medicine to fix moods, it suggests that they are largely a function of our biochemistry b. I can’t do much about my biochemistry, so I can’t control my moods 2. Genes and human identity a. Your sexual orientation may be genetically predetermined 3. The power of the unconscious 4. Computer “intelligence” a. Our intelligence may be predetermined by genetics as well 5. Animal behavior and human behavior a. Animals’ mating rituals have deep roots b. Our’s may too 6. Psychological and social conditioning a. Behavior in adult life is greatly determined by birth order Distinction between “political freedom” and “metaphysical freedom” Political freedom: Metaphysical freedom: pertaining to really real freedom General Point: triumphs of science Whose presupposition is universal determinism Universal determinism: that for every event, there is a cause or a complex of causes which makes that particular event inevitable
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Is anything at all really up to us? What is at stake here? Why should I take it seriously? 1. Can any punishment be just? 2. Effect on personal relations a. Must not love be freely given? b. Can we still have gratitude for unselfishness? 3.
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Free Will - The Problem of Free Will As with the problem of...

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