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3x5 notes c12to17 - CH 12 Unions (formed to protect...

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Click to edit Master subtitle style 5/13/09 CH 12 Unions (formed to protect themselves from bad working conditions & unfair treatment; declining) First union: cordwainers (shoemakers) “crafted union of skilled specialists” / The Knight of labor “1st national labor AFL: American Federation of Labor; “crafted union” / CIO: Congress of Industrial Organization; “unskilled & semi” workers / AFL-CIO is federation of labor unions not national union / Legislation: important effect on growth of labor unions / Norris-La Guardia Act: prohibits yellow-dog contract / collective bargaining: union & management form a labor –management agreement, contract, 4 workers / union security clauses: negotiated agreement; says employees who benefit from union must join or pay dues / Closed shop: member b4 hiring. Union shop: have job but have to join. Agency shop: don’t join but pay dues. Right-to-work/open shops: join or don’t / Bargaining zone: range of options between initial & final offer consider b4 negotiations dissolve. Mediation: 3rd party suggestion. Arbitration: in that field w/ a suggestion u follow. / Union Tactics Strike: refuse to work (best). Cooling-off per: workers in critical industry return to work & make negotiations. Boycott: refuse to buy. Primary: tell union & others to not buy. Secondary: tell others to not do business w/ that firm; prohibited. / Management Tactics Lockouts: tell them to stay out (not often). Injunction: court order refraining strikers from doing something. Strikebreakers: workers replacing strikers. / Management Issues 1.Executive compensation 2.Pay equity 3.Child care & Elder care 4.ESOP’s / Executive Compensation 2004 CEO was paid $36 million. Executives receive Stock Options (ability to buy the companies stock at a set price at later date) or Restricted Stock (issued directly to CEO) / Pay Equity: ppl w/ jobs w/ similar levels of education, training or skill should receive equal pay.// CH 14 Developing & Pricing
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3x5 notes c12to17 - CH 12 Unions (formed to protect...

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