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SYLLABUS Syllabus SYLLABUS FOR PHILOSOPHY 7 In this class we will work on becoming more articulate about our reasoning. This will improve our understanding of reasoning, and that in turn will help us do it better. Reasoning is like most other skills (driving, playing video games, swinging a bat) in that we can do it without talking about it much. And learning to talk about it turns out to be deceptively difficult. We are so familiar with the subject (reasoning) that we can't believe it is so hard to say what we're doing when we reason. But it is. So you need to pay attention from the very beginning: it is very easy to lose track of the project and hard to pick it up again. The payoff for all the hard work comes from increasing the range in which you can confidently apply your reasoning skills, and from a better recognition of their limits. We will work through the first six chapters of the text (Critical Thinking by Larry Wright; Oxford University Press; try to get the 3rd printing or later ). Because the quiz exercises and the examples we discuss in class will often be topical, you will find it valuable to keep up with current events either in a newspaper or on the web. This will also refine your understanding of the journalistic conventions within which much of our public reasoning takes place. Since the most thoughtful part of our public conversation - -
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