Group Discussion Seven

Group Discussion Seven - developments share-cookie cutter...

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Modern American History—Group Discussion Seven Joanne Jahnke, Spring 2008 Suburban America Readings: D2L—Life in the Suburbs Housekeeping Monthly The Feminine Mystique excerpt, Betty Friedan Discussion Questions 1. How did the federal government contribute to the postwar suburban housing boom? - changes in technology - suburban processes 2. How did housing development and home building go from small to big business after WWII? Who or what supported this change? How did the building of Levittown in particular seem like assembly line and mass production of houses? - horizontal and vertical integration - fords manufacturing ideal - (30 houses a day) 3. What common characteristics did the majority of large suburban
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Unformatted text preview: developments share?-cookie cutter houses (maybe different floor plans) but look the same-all white American middleclass housing-low density housing-peripheral-easy to buy (cheap) 4. What were some of the criticisms made during the time against suburban developments and suburban life? (Check out the Betty Friedan excerpt here too.) What were some of the positive aspects of suburban development and living?-Unfulfilling (isolation and loneliness)-A lot of stores, churches and other amentities were farther away-Eliminating three generation family (single family)-Safer neighborhood-Private space...
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Group Discussion Seven - developments share-cookie cutter...

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