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Jason Souder Comm 1250 “Truth”, What Is It? Is it possible to know if there is only one true truth about all things? How might you come to this conclusion? What is an alternative route to believing that there is one truth? Scientists believe that through scientific reasoning they can come to the conclusion of exactly what truth is, and that there is one conclusion to all things. Interpretive scholars are after the same questions as well. Their approach is that of objective reality, which means they think truth is highly subjective and interpretive. One interpretive scholar states “Truth is a struggle, not a status.” This shows that truth can be ever changing and depending on how each person can interpret what is happening or being said, it may very well be true. I believe in the interpretive viewpoint on truth. There are some things such as
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Unformatted text preview: Christianity in which I believe there is one truth about, however with humans and what happens in the present world I believe truth is subject to what one can make of it. For example, scientists have recently overruled the late planet Pluto, and have come to conclusion that it is too small to be considered a planet. In my opinion, I would have to say, “Who is a scientist, to be able to determine what is and isn’t a planet.” Many arguments can be made that make perfectly good sense against Pluto not being a planet. Based on what scientists have interpreted to the best of their knowledge, Pluto does not meet the criteria of a planet. I believe most things in this world should only be valued or taken, as one can perceive them....
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