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Comm 1250 Response Essay 1 - history The campaign can be...

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Jason Souder Comm 1250 Just Do It Advertising is one of the largest product selling mediums in the world. Millions of people have made billions of dollars from advertising. There are two approaches that advertisers will use to effectively communicate their product, to eventually sell the product. One method is by using the Objective Approach; this approach creates resonating moments with the target markets that it is aiming at. The resonance that the advertisements pervade usually evoke past emotions or feelings that the audience can relate with. The opposition is the Interpretive Approach. The Interpretive Approach is most commonly explained by the example of the redemption myth. The redemption myth is this sequence of events: 1.) Guilt 2.) Purification 3.) Redemption. I am going to analyze the advertising campaign that Nike founded in the late 1980’s, “Just Do It.” The slogan was one of the most prolific mottos in advertising
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Unformatted text preview: history. The campaign can be analyzed best with the objective approach. I believe that the motto “Just Do It” resonates with its target audience (young to professional athletes) extremely well because it brings the emotion and feeling of perseverance and success. Every athlete who has ever felt the taste of victory would most likely agree that its one of the best feelings that you can experience. By using the slogan “Just Do It” it encompasses the sentiment of reaching goals that are set by athletes. The slogan can also be used to motivate its viewers, which is why it appeals to such a large audience. By using the Objective Approach to advertising, NIKE has created one of the most successful campaigns in marketing history. As a viewer if you can break down the advertisement it becomes much easier to not let your money go to waste. Overall Nike has done a wonderful job in reaching its target audience and beyond....
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Comm 1250 Response Essay 1 - history The campaign can be...

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