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Communication Assignment 5 - that that I can see me doing...

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Nicholas Alley 2-22-08 Since the agendas are given out before the meetings get started, I just need to stick to them a little better. On my part, I will come to the meeting with better thought out suggestions, and information to support my ideas. The time that is spent trying to come up with spur of the moment supporting facts really eats into the time of the meetings. Another thing that needs to change is getting everyone to participate and feel as if their suggestions really matter. For me to do this, I need to stop showing favoritism. Another suggestion that I have to fix the meetings is the use of visual aids. I believe that they would help hold the audience’s attention, and could even shorten the meetings lengths by not having to explain certain things repeatedly. The last
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Unformatted text preview: that that I can see me doing to help with these meetings, is to hold the meeting participants accountable for the times in which they interrupt. I think that if the meetings are scheduled later in the day, some of the behavior problems would take care of themselves. Another thing that would probably help with this problem is to cut the meetings down in length so that attention does not start to slip at the ends. Also the days in which meetings are held needs to change. No one likes to be in a Friday meeting. If we, both me and workers, change these things, the meetings ought to go better from here on out....
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