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Communication Assignment 6 - after some time of delivering...

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Business communication technology gets the audience to pay more attention than they might otherwise. People tend to pay more attention if electronics are involved. The problem that arises is choosing the best medium or method for what you need to say. The main consideration for this are: the urgency of the message to get to the audience (speed), how many people it can reach, and the cost requirements. The ways that were mentioned in the video are: e-mail, voicemail, memos, letters, and booklets. E-mail and voicemail are cheap, but easy to disregard and it also do not reach that many people. Voicemail is more personal, but has the same problems. Memos and letters are more formal, but cost more. Booklets are the most formal, but the most expensive. The video mentions using a graph to decide which of these methods to use. This sounded useful, but
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Unformatted text preview: after some time of delivering messages it seems like an unnecessary step for some people. Another tip that the video gave was the use of personalization. It said that personalization is becoming cheaper, and I know that people like it when they do not feel as if they were one of many that got the exact same information. Another point that was made, and that I have noticed in real life, is the incorporation of interactivity for internet articles. It mentions using color, animations, and things like these. The video mentions that some of these also let the developer/company measure the return on their investment to make the object look the way that it does. The overall message of the video was to incorporate something into messages, not just the words, so the audience will pay better attention....
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