Communication Assignment 8

Communication Assignment 8 - see this is to take a first...

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In order to get my team up to par with selling in Latin America, I would need to teach them that in that part of the world things are done differently. For example, they are more focused on the person to person aspect of business instead of just making a sell like we are here in America. Another thing that I would need to teach the sales force is that in order to communicate with people from that area, they would probably need to meet with them face to face because technology is not as mainstream as it is here. The best way to
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Unformatted text preview: see this is to take a first hand tour of the area, so I would have my upper-level employees take a trip there for a few days, and that way they could also come up with a few ideas. I know that language is one of the main things that we would need to keep in mind, along with the dialects. I think that if we were to keep these things in mind we would be ok....
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