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The main point made in the video was to be careful when you market a product to different areas of the world. You need to be careful of translations, pictures, time zone differences, cultures, heritages, discrimination, and ethics. The videos gave examples of each. The example made with the translations was the “Got Milk” campaign in America. In different parts of the world it means. “lactose intolerant,” Needless to say, milk did not sell all over the world like it was expected to. Another example that was made was a car that sold very well in America, when it had its name translated it meant, “Does not go”. It is easy to see why people would stay away from it as well. The example of the picture problem was the Gerber baby. Here it means that the product is meant for babies, over in Africa, where the reading level is not so high, it means that babies are inside of the product. Again, it is easy to see why there were problems selling Gerber in Africa. The time zone problem involves meeting that take place of different continents. It is
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