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Communication Assignment 12

Communication Assignment 12 - believe that I can bring some...

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4354 Alma, Apt 575 City Park, TX 73525 April 17, 2008 (469)463-7835 Mr. Emmitt Smith Jersey’s Incorporated Emmitt Smith & Co., P.C. Irving, TX 74942 Dear Mr. Smith My interest in working for Jersey’s Incorporated was heightened last Wednesday when Troy Aikman, the director of the jersey distribution division, encouraged me to send you my resume. He told me about an opening in the distribution department that would happen later this month. When I heard this I was thrilled. I believe that my credentials would be perfect for the job. I have worked as an intern for the past six months in this division and I have learned a lot doing so, and I have also enjoyed the people that I have been working with. Jersey’s Incorporated has been growing as of late, and looks as if it will continue to do so. I
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Unformatted text preview: believe that I can bring some gains from my knowledge in marketing and logistics, as well as the time that I have been an intern. On May 15 th , I will graduate from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, and I will have a minor in logistics. I believe that I would be a big pick up to Jersey’s incorporated, and I am eager to have the chance to work for Jersey’s Incorporated in the Marketing and Logistics department. I look forward to hearing from you soon about an interview. I have provided my contact information at the top of the page. Best regards, Nicholas Alley...
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