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Lesson: Business Presentations Title: Speaking Anxiety Has a Strange-hold on You! You are an information systems professional who is very good at what you do. Word apparently got out because you were recently invited to give a 40-minute talk, followed by a 20-minute question-and-answer session at an upcoming international IS conference. You are flattered, but frightened! The fear and anxiety grow from your lack of presentation experience. You know your subject matter and figure you can pick up on the presentation skills, but speaking anxiety is an issue. Well, you can’t hide from it, so you have decided to learn how to minimize some of it and control the rest productively.
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Unformatted text preview: A good starting point is to develop several separate lists containing a number of techniques that will help you meet your goals. So, develop separate lists for the following steps in the presentation process: planning and preparing, the night before, the morning of, the few minutes before the presentation starts, during the presentation, and the question-and-answer session. There are lots of techniques to list and choose from. Ultimately we each must lock in on the few that work best for us. • GATHERING INFO, PREPARE OUTLINE • USE VISUAL AIDS-p.420 • PRACTICE-MIRROR-p.423 • STRETCHING • MOVING AROUND • ANTICIPATE THE QUESTIONS, AND PRACTICE THEM BEFORE HAND...
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