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Alley 1 Nicholas Alley Professor Martin ENGL 2327 S02 12-9-05 Final 1. The suggestion that Montresor is telling the story to a priest makes sense due to the sins that he commits. He is reflecting upon what he did to Fortunato and seems to feel a slight bit of remorse since he ends it by telling Fortunato to "rest in peace". Once I read the story again looking for why people believe that he is talking a priest, I noticed that four sins take place and of course there is also the last line. The first sin that is mentioned is that Fortunato has been drinking, second is the part where he gets the pipe on page 1593, third is where Montresor tells Fortunato that he gets revenge on everyone who insults him. This is mentioned when the two characters are talking about Montresor's coat of arms. On the coat of arms it is written that "no one insults me with impunity". Murder takes place in the catacombs because of an insult to Montresor. And the last line, "may he rest in peace," is a reference to life after death. This is a belief shared by almost all religions. It makes sense that Montresor feels some regret for what he did by breaking these four sins: drinking, smoking, revenge, and murder. These sins, plus the “rest in peace” line, can all be interpreted as things that some churches would forgive someone for if they confessed. It makes sense why some people think that he could in deed be confessing his sins to a priest. 2. Based on “The minister's black veil” and more specifically the quote, "Be mine, and hereafter there shall be no veil over my face, no darkness between our souls! It is but a mortal veil-it is not for eternity," the veil symbolizes aloneness. "The black veil, though it covers only
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Alley 2 our pastor's face, throws its influence over his whole person, and makes him ghost-like from head to toe". After the church member see him wearing the veil for the first time they all talk to each other to see if they know why he suddenly started to wear the veil. It makes them uneasy feeling around him and they wonder if something is wrong with him. If something is wrong with him, they think that he would not be ridiculed for it. He was in the company of his fellow church members; it would be unethical to gawk at him. He of all people should know this considering his is the minister. Eventually his wife leaves him because she feels so uneasy around him while he wears it. Not even this makes him feel as though he should take off his veil though. He eventually even gives up going on his daily walks just to avoid people looking at him funny. Eventually he is not even willingly walking by mirrors. He is even buried with it. Throughout the
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Final - Alley 1 Nicholas Alley Professor Martin ENGL 2327...

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