Uncle Tom's Cabin Issue Question

Uncle Tom's Cabin Issue Question - to them mentally. This...

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Alley 1 Nicholas Alley Professor Martin ENGL 2327 S02 10-26-05 Uncle Tom’s Cabin Issue Question Passage: “If it were your Harry. ..soft arms trustingly holding on to your neck?” (Stowe 1677) Question: How does Stowe use familiar relationships to show the effects of slavery, and try to get the public to change their minds about it? Issue: Issue of social policy. Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written so that, people would read about the emotional struggles that slavery caused in addition to the physical abuse associated with it. It focuses on the splitting of a family. The man and his wife are separated because of slavery, and the woman and child are about to be. This is when the story adds more of a human touch. Critical Approach: The best approach is reader-response criticism since the story was written so that people would change their minds about owning slaves after seeing what it can do
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Unformatted text preview: to them mentally. This aspect is added so that anyone who reads the book can see more clearly what the slaves had to endure during their time as slaves. Answer: The main character, like many actual slaves, hates it so much that she risks her life for freedom. She does not know where she is going until a little before she has to leave her home for a new one. She had already been separated from her husband, so to her death is thought to be better. Although the slave owners did let them see each other, it was not on a consistent Alley 2 basis. Since most people can understand a man and woman having to split up, at least to some degree, it does not get emotional until the baby is going to be separated from the mother...
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Uncle Tom's Cabin Issue Question - to them mentally. This...

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