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Indian readings - to play telephone do you Cheryl I*do know...

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Nicholas Alley Professor Martin ENGL 2327 S02 9-7-05 Native American Beliefs Most of the stories that were assigned for the first reading, had been past down generation from generation. Often the new storytellers adds something to it so that the next time it is told the story will have their own personal touch. Many times they feel as if they have to add something extraordinary. The meaning of these stories seems hard to understand, but it might be because I just did not care for them, or it could also be that they are just too far set in an alternate universe. Stories like these kinds of always remind me of the kid game telephone. By the time that the last person would hear the phrase it had completely changed from the original meaning. For example in an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm , Larry David and his wife Cheryl are arguing about the game of telephone-and ultimately what is heard for the final phrase. Larry David : Have you ever played telephone before? You don't even know how
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Unformatted text preview: to play telephone, do you? Cheryl : I *do* know how to play telephone. Larry David : Oh, do you? Cheryl : Yeah, but I usually play the "G" version. It's usually something like, "Susie lives down the lane." Larry David : The kid didn't say, "Susie lives down the lane," he said "I love tits!" It seems as if every time that a story is passed down it gets weirder or in the case of these stories they got odder and more gut turning. It seemed as if some of the animals changing in to humans and then having kids were added to these stories as compared with past versions of the stories where people were probably just telling stories just to pass the time away. I honestly do not mind reading some weird things, but I prefer to keep the stories in a context that is not do stomach turning. The meanings of stories change over time, but most do not change to the darkness that these had to them....
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Indian readings - to play telephone do you Cheryl I*do know...

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