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Chapter 5 and 6 Study Guide

Chapter 5 and 6 Study Guide - Muslims out of the...

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Nicholas Alley Professor Clarke HUMA 1301 C06 1-24-06 1. Germanic tribes were fierce warriors. They frequently raided and plundered nearby lands for material gain. They threaten Roman territories, thus the name “barbarians” was given to them. Feudalism was a common practice among them. Literature was also important, they came up with: Beowulf, The Song of the Nibelungen, and the Song of Roland. Art was also important. 2. Charlemagne restored the Roman Empire under Christian leadership. He conquered vast land in his “Holy Wars.” After conquering an area he placed them under the control of local administrators. He helped revitalize education and the arts by opening new schools. He also built new churches 3. The Vikings destroyed everything that Charlemagne built after he died. He had failed to establish and law comparable to Rome; there was no standing army, tax system, and no single code of law. His kids were also unable to repel the raids. 4. The Christian crusades were and effective push by the Normans to get the
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Unformatted text preview: Muslims out of the Mediterranean Sea. This let the Europeans enjoy increased security. It led to and increase in agricultural productivity and surplus in trade and travel. 5. The crusade led to an economic revitalization and increased freedom during the High Middle Ages for the West. 6. Virgil was a Roman poet. He “accompanied Dante through hell in Commedia- a Divine Comedy . 7. Gothic cathedrals were known for their pointed arches, rib vaults, and stained glass windows. The results were a spacious choir and ambulatory, free of heavy stone supports and flooded with light. 8. Most medieval churches were dedicated to the Virgin Mary 9. Stained glass is made from mixing metal oxides into molten glass colored sheets. Legion had it that some were made of ground up precious stones, but this has been proven untrue. 10. Samurai were knights like the knights were for England, but they served the king instead of the country. 11. The NOVEL was born in Japan....
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