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Chapter 1 study guide - Alley 1 Nicholas Alley Professor...

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Alley 1 Nicholas Alley Professor Clarke HUMA 1301 C06 1-24-06 1. Prehistory is the era before written records 2. COME BACK TO 3. Early people believed in human sacrifices because they were viewed as challenges in contest of wit and physical agility. 4. The history of tool making has evolved over time. The earliest tools during the Paleolithic era were used for hunting. The first known weapons have been found in Africa and East Asia. They include cleavers, chisels, spears, harpoons, hand axes, and many different kinds of choppers. Over the times period called the ice age hunting technology changed. By the end of the ice age, hunters and gathers used fire to provide warmth, safety, and a way to cook food. With every change of hunting technology, people tried to gain more control of nature so that hunting would become easier. This made it easier to get prey. The drove the cost of all animal goods down. It also helped people get out of the Paleolithic era and into the Neolithic era. 5. Humans have loved in cities since the Neolithic era. Big farming needed artificial irrigation systems, which then needed cooperation from the community. Neolithic villages grew complex to become cities of a new era. This transition brought with it new social, economic, and
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Chapter 1 study guide - Alley 1 Nicholas Alley Professor...

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