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Chapter 2 study guide - Alley 1 Nicholas Alley Professor...

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Alley 1 Nicholas Alley Professor Clarke HUMA 1301 C06 2-3-06 Chapter 2 study guide 1. The expression. “We are all Greeks” means that we have keep many of the characters that they had. Modern civilization has been influenced by Hellenic ideas of reason, beauty and the good life . These all bear the Greek lifestyle. Their art, literature, and religion all celebrate human interest and concerns. 2. The Minoans were seafaring and prosperous. The Mycenaean culture was much rougher by comparison. They were a militant and aggressive group of people. In fact they are the group that destroyed the Minoans. 3. The two literacy works that kept alive the history of early Greece were The Iliad and The Odyssey , they were both by Homer. 4. Achilles is moved by anger in his decision making. He is more psychologically complex than Gilgamesh. He plans his action so that they will bring glory to his tribe and to himself. Gilgamesh is
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Alley 2 in search of everlasting love. He is on a quest for individual honor and glory. To the Greeks moral value was in the right action, even if it meant death. Achilles probably is concerned with life after death. 5. Greeks viewed the gods are of group of immortals that were willing to help anyone who was deserving of help. The gods were viewed and a good group of immortals, but they could make you suffer if they wanted to. 6. The defeat of the Persians initiated the Golden Age of Athens. The term “Golden Age” implies that they went through one of the most creative times in the history of the world. New inventions came about, but most important, new government came. Democracy was born.
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Chapter 2 study guide - Alley 1 Nicholas Alley Professor...

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