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The Torture Question Notes - The Torture Question-Frontline...

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Unformatted text preview: The Torture Question-Frontline 18/04/2008 02:31:00 Notes 90 degree heat given only a bottle of water for prisoners position of U.S. govt: what happened at Abu Ghraib was an isolated incident the night shift was a group of sadists it was a kind of Animal House on the night shift.former Defense Sec. James Schlesinger 9/11 tremendous sense of urgency to take action How do we deal with a non-state enemy that blends in with civilians and conducts surprise attacks against civilians John Yoo: Dept of Justice Office of Legal Counsel (01-03) o Wrote first draft of a sweeping war-power authorization designed to give President Bush unprecedented power to fight the war on terror says to use all necessary means to stop future attacks o 9/11 gave the entire administration a carte blanche in terms of how they treated the laws in the books, when they applied to the global War on Terrorism, as they defined the global war on terrorism.Dana Priest (The Washington Post) o Following invasion on Afghanistan, questions about detainees came about What happens when we catch other Al-Qaeda members? Do we try them? Do we detain them? Where? You cant kill him, cant let him go because he is far too dangerous and valuable as a source of intelligence, and you cant try him in the ordinary civilian court system There was a before 9/11 and an after 9/11 High Value Terrorists o Ibin al Sheik al Libi was one of the earliest Al Qaeda figures (leader of a terrorist training camp) to be taken into US custody o FBI wanted to bring him back to the United States to be interrogated, but CIA wanted to get as much information as possible, and as fast as possible o FBI: practice careful rapport building interrogation techniques said by some to be a better technique b/c the goal is not to make a case against the individual, but to be led to different avenues and learning the broader network o CIA took Al Libi from FBI brought him to multiple countries to be interrogated with Rendition program: US takes high value suspects to other countries and interrogates based on the laws of that particular country Egypt, Morocca, Jordan are among the countries program continues throughout the world Al Libi vanished for a year, but reappeared when he was cited in a statement by Colin Powell that suggest that Libi had revealed connections between Iraq and Ale Qaeda Libi later recanted saying that he made it all up under force...
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The Torture Question Notes - The Torture Question-Frontline...

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