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Review for Final 1. (determine how the ratio of volumes of hot and cold water affect the final temperature of the mixture.) 2. Static Electricity (observe the effects and behavior of static electricity) 3. Electroscope and Coulomb’s Law ( an electroscope to study a single charged object, as well as study the force between two charged objects) 4. Batteries, Bulbs & Current design and construct simple circuits using a batteries, bulbs, and wire. To learn to draw circuit diagrams using symbols and to measure current and understand current throughout a simple circuit. 5. Simple DC Circuits ( draw circuit diagrams using symbols, understand how to measure current and voltage in a circuit and understand current and voltage at all points in simple circuits) 6. learn how to measure resistance with a multimeter, examine Kirchhoff’s circuit rules and apply them to some DC Circuits)
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Magnetic Force & Field (familiarize yourself with magnets, magnetic force and the magnetic field due to a current-carrying wire) 8. Induced Currents & Jump Rope Generators - observe the current induced in a conductor (wire) moving in a magnetic field and to observe a simple generator using a conductor cutting the Earth’s magnetic field 9. Household Wiring ( To wire a plug and light socket and understand the difference between various gauge wires) 10. Optics- how a lens forms images by examining how a converging lens focuses light from a very distant and not very distant objects and measuring the focal length of a converging lens Review for Final 11. Nuclear Radiation - investigate radioactive decay using pennies to simulate decaying neutrons....
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Review_for_PHY_256_Final - 7 Magnetic Force&...

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