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synth paper - Trinkle 1 Matt Trinkle February 6 2007 Intro...

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Trinkle 1 Matt Trinkle February 6, 2007 Intro to Sociology Synthesis Paper In reading the stories “The sociological Imagination”, “Fraternities and Collegiate Rape Culture”, and “The Functions of Crime” I find many sociological characteristics in all of them. One of the stories I agreed with completely and then I could not disagree more with one of the others. All of these stories grabbed my attention right away and kept me into the story the whole way through, which does not happen very often. I found that there are a lot of things in life that relate to sociology that I never realized before, and all these stories showed me that. In reading these stories, one of them for certain, can change a mind set you have for this certain topic that I will get into in this paper. These stories are not based on facts but on how humans think and how they act and why they act the way they do, which is really interesting to me and how I view the situation now. The first story that was read was C. Wright Mills, “The Sociological Imagination.” In reading this short story I get out of it that it is about men and how they are and why they are the way they are. They say that men’s private lives are nothing but full of traps. As a guy, I would not go as far as saying that life is full of traps. They say here that men just can’t do anything without someone they know or they are close to find out what they had done or what they are about to do. The sociological imagination is defined in the story as “the first lesson of the social science that embraces it- is the ides that the individual can understand his own experience and gauge his own fate only by
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Trinkle 2 locating himself within period, that he can know his own chances in life only by becoming aware of those of all individuals in his circumstances,” (Mills 2). It’s saying here I believe that its imagination that life is full of traps because men think too much that they will be caught in the act they are doing and if you become aware of your surroundings in whatever you are doing, that you would not think that you are just set up in a bunch of traps. My opinion of this story is that people think men don’t have the intelligence to be careful and aware of their surroundings to keep away from traps, therefore they walk right into one all the time without knowing it. The story also implies that men can only have a “grasp of what is going on in the world,” (Mills 3). I don’t believe that statement at all, men can be fully away of what is around them and avoid many problems. This story has just told me that we can’t avoid getting caught in traps.
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