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Fountain- 1 Christie Fountain Ms. Jane McClain English 1101-22 12 February 2007 Ronnie’s View Doris Weatherall comes from Brooklyn and Veronica Williams from California to attend Langsdale University in Indiana. Though one woman is African-American while the other Caucasian, and they compete for the same summer teaching position the coastal females become best friends. Ronnie becomes upset when, without her permission, she is an initiative to bring more diversity to the school in the brochure's centerfold. Doris gets the teaching position but finds high school seniors uninterested in what she tries to do; Ronnie works in a factory. Both want a man in her life. However, Ronnie
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Unformatted text preview: doubts she will find an African-American in the conservative section of the Hoosier state, also known as Indiana, while Doris sees her poetry professor in a romantic way, although he is allegedly gay. These two independent intelligent women turn to one another to survive their self imposed cast out in the Midwest. This is more a character study than a chick lit tale though readers get the chick lit viewpoint from the coastal females. The story line centers on two individuals coming from opposite poles converging in the locality like fish out of water. Ronnie and Doris become friends as they share ideals while feeling isolated on the campus....
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