CHAPTER 5 - notes outline[1]

CHAPTER 5 - notes outline[1] - CHAPTER 5 CIVIL RIGHTS KEY...

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Unformatted text preview: CHAPTER 5 CIVIL RIGHTS KEY TERMS: civil rights, discrimination, equal protection clause, abolition, peculiar institution Jim Crow, separate but equal clause, de jure and de facto segregation, desegregation (institutions), busing, redlining, gerrymandering KEY CONCEPTS: 13, 14, 15 Amendments and their significance; Plessy v. Ferguson (significance), Brown vs. Board of Education (significance), Civil Rights Acts, Universalization of Civil Rights (beneficiaries: women, Hispanic/Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans, Disabled, Aged, Gays and Lesbians) OVERVIEW The question of what is meant by equal rights is hardly settled --even with the gains of the Civil Rights Movement Most Americans reject the idea that govt should create equal outcomes for citizens by agree that it should prohibit public and private discrimination (not creators of equality but prohibitors of discrimination) 14th Amendment inaugurated civil rights as a Constitutional concept but establishing the principle was a long way from upholding the practice Over time, and through hard-wrought victories, civil rights have been realized for African Americans, and those gains have be useful for other marginalized groups seeking equality and justice THE STRUGGLE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS Enslavement: the importation and subjugation of Africans kidnapped from the native lands is a practice as old as this country itself Nations economy, southern economy in particular, built with slave labor Washington DC built by slaves Abolitionist movement forms (William Lloyd...
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CHAPTER 5 - notes outline[1] - CHAPTER 5 CIVIL RIGHTS KEY...

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