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Review for Final - POS 2041 Spring 2008 Section 10710...

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POS 2041 Spring 2008 Section 10710 review for final The test is 50 m/c questions where each is worth 2 points apiece for a total of 100 points and 45% of your total grade. The test is to be done on brown scantron sheets and with a number 2 pencil, you have the entire class period of Wednesday April 23, 2008 beginning at 4:30 p.m. and finishing at 5:45 p.m. within which to do the exam. The test covers chapters 12, 14, and 7-9 from you textbook We the People and course activities since the mid-term (topically speaking that’s the second part of federalism forward). Approximately, 3/5 of the test comes from me and about 2/5 from the assigned readings. Federalism When was the 2 nd Era of Federalism, what was its overarching characteristic, and what are its Orders? Which Order of Federalism are we currently in and how is it different from the recent past? What were the 4 waves of states’ resurgent federalism, which presidencies are they associated with, and what are they oriented towards regarding granting, mandating, and regulating? Congress What does a proactive branch do relative to a reactive one? What was the center stage actor for the first 120 years or so since the Founding? When was the Era of Congressional Government? What were its two Orders and what organizational devices were each primarily associated with? When was the height of congressional power in American national political history? What are the three actors at the core of the national political system? What event signaled the end of the 2 nd Order of Congressional Party Government? What are the 3 fundamental roles of the Congress and in what order of preference do MC’s (members of Congress) perform them? Be able to discuss the models of representation and the models of oversight,
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Review for Final - POS 2041 Spring 2008 Section 10710...

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