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Essay Guidelines

Essay Guidelines - History Essay Evaluation guidelines...

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History Essay Evaluation guidelines Instructor: Alan Bliss University of North Florida, Dept. of History On time: Deduct 10 points for each day late, including weekends. Thesis: The opening paragraph is the most important part of the essay, expressing your overall argument and significant conclusions, which are then supported by all that follows. If you do this well, everything else will be easy. If you do this poorly, nothing else can make up for it. State your thesis clearly at the outset. Do not waste my time and your space by repeating the focus question, or by “asking” a rhetorical question. Instead, respond to the assignment with a specific and engaging idea. After completing the essay, carefully review your opening paragraph, making sure that it accurately expresses the point of your essay. Edit, polish, rewrite, and edit again. Every time you re-examine this part of your essay, you will probably notice another way to improve it. You will find it will worth the effort.
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