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Alice Notes - Alice in Wonderland Author Lewis...

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Alice in Wonderland Author Lewis Carroll (pseudonym) = Charles Dodgson (real name) Lewis = family name Carroll = latin for Charles Loved three things Logic and mathematics burlesque humor e.g. Marx Bros. little girls controversial Alice Liddell Genre Childrens Whimsical fantasy Utopia/Dystopia Utopia means no where in latin Utopia idealized society; Dystopia = opposite ----- 1. How much of our identity lies in rules? pg. 24 "this bottle was not marked 'poison,' so Alice ventured to taste ait . . . " pg. 28 Who in the world am I? various recitations pg. 34 mouse definition of dry pg. 24 not marked poison = safe to drink size has to do with self identity if it changes dramatically then self-identity is shaken pg. 40 Rabbit calls Alice, Mary Ann (servant) becomes subservient groupthink
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something irrational presented rationally rules must be repeated to become rules rules in Wonderland are fleeting rules correlate with stable identity formation ----- 2. Examples of arbitrariness of linguistic definition and identity of words
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Alice Notes - Alice in Wonderland Author Lewis...

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