biochem review - When two carbohydrates are epimers: they...

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When two carbohydrates are epimers: they differ only in the configuration about one carbon atom. When the linear form of glucose cyclizes, the product is a(n): glycoside Starch and glycogen are both polymers of: glucose The biochemical property of lectins that is the basis for most of their biological effects is their ability to bind to: carbohydrate Draw: D-ribose, D-Glucose, D-Mannose, D-Galactose, D-Fructose, Furan, Pyran, α-D-Glucopyranose, β- D-Glucopyranose, α-D-Fructofuranose, β-D-Fructofuranose, Maltose, Lactose, Sucrose What is the difference between axial and equatorial side groups? An example of a glycerophospholipid that is involved in cell signaling is: phosphatidylinositol Circle the fatty acid in each pair that has the higher melting temperature. Describe the dependence of the melting point of a fatty acid upon (a) chain length and (b) unsaturation; (c) explain these dependencies in molecular terms. What is the effect of a double bond on fatty acid structure? Membrane proteins: A) are sometimes covalently attached to lipid moieties. B) are sometimes covalently attached to carbohydrate moieties. C) are composed of the same 20 amino acids found in soluble proteins. D) diffuse laterally in the membrane unless they are anchored E) have all of the properties listed above. Peripheral membrane proteins: A) are generally noncovalently bound to membrane lipids. B) are usually denatured when released from membranes. C) can be released from membranes only by treatment with detergent(s). D) may have functional units on both sides of the membrane. E) penetrate deeply into the lipid bilayer. The shortest α helix segment in a protein that will span a membrane bilayer has about 20 amino acid residues. A hydropathy plot is used to: A) determine the water-solubility of a protein. B) deduce the quaternary structure of a membrane protein. C) determine the water content of a native protein. D) extrapolate for the true molecular weight of a membrane protein. E) predict whether a given protein sequence contains membrane-spanning segments.
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Which of these is a general feature of the lipid bilayer in all biological membranes? A) Individual lipid molecules are free to diffuse laterally in the surface of the bilayer. B) Individual lipid molecules in one face (monolayer) of the bilayer readily diffuse (flip-flop) to the other monolayer. C) Polar, but uncharged, compounds readily diffuse across the bilayer. D) The bilayer is stabilized by covalent bonds between neighboring phospholipid molecules. E) The polar head groups face inward toward the inside of the bilayer.
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biochem review - When two carbohydrates are epimers: they...

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