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BIS103-001 (Winter 2016) Final exam (March 15 th , 2016) Name_____ KEY _____________________________ 1 Instructor: Inoue Student ID #_______________________________ Please check all the appropriate boxes below. Please write your name on top of each page and Scantron . Staple might be lost and so might be your exam. This exam is composed of 12 pages, including this cover page and the last blank page for notes. Whatever you write in the blank pages will NOT be considered as the final answers. This exam consists of multiple choice (Scantron) and Short-answer questions. A maximum of 100 pts may be earned. Scantron questions ( #1-43 ) are separated in nine pages ( SCANTRON-I to IX = pages 2-10 ) for 2 pts x 43 = 86 pts. There are five questions each in I-VII ( pages 2-8, #1-35 ), six questions in VIII ( page 9, #36-41 ), and two questions in IX ( page 10, #42-43 ). Select ONE answer for each question. Sorry but no partial credits. All or None. On your Scantron, make sure to fill in ID and test form A . If either ID or test form A is not filled in, 5 pts will be deducted. For Short-answer questions (page 11, total 14 pts), please write your answers legibly and logically . No extra effort will be made to decipher your handwriting and/or to interpret what you are thinking. IMPORTANT: The last question is a ”free answer” question. At least some points will be earned as long as the given space is filled with something related to the question. PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME ON TOP OF EACH PAGE. PLEASE WRITE YOUR NAME ON TOP OF EACH PAGE. I,_______________________________________, authorize the University to distribute publicly this graded exam (e.g., picked up at the office hours). I am aware of the fact that violations of the Academic Code of Conduct 1 may be reported to UC Davis Student Judicial Affairs. 1 Examples of academic misconduct include: receiving or providing unauthorized assistance on examinations, using unauthorized materials during an examination, altering an exam and submitting it for re-grading, or using false excuses to obtain extensions of time ( ). Signature________________________________________ Date____________________________ Undergraduate Student Completing Incomplete Open Campus Student Graduate Student Question Value Score Scantron 86 Short-answer 14 TOTAL 100
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