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Kelley Benham AEC 3133 Homework 2: 2-28-08 Diane should first contact Frank. I believe this shows a respect for him as the business owner. Also with his last feed representative, he had a close work relationship and she wants to develop this also. She should give him a call, tell him about herself and ask to sit down with him and his wife to discuss feed. This way, his wife knows all the facts and can also have input in the final decision. Before she meets with the Bradley’s, she needs to research the feed they are currently feeding. She needs to make sure the feed she’s promoting is the same or better than that feed. She should also find
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Unformatted text preview: out more about his breeding program so she can recommend a feed that could benefit it. They are obviously involved in horse shows so this should also be taken in consideration when recommending a certain feed. She needs to know the pros and cons of her feed verses G&H Feed so she can present her feed compared to the current. I feel it would be best for Diane to make the sale call alone. Frank had a close working relationship with his last feed representative and she wants to become close also. Bringing in another person can prevent this....
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