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PHI 115 Capital Punishment - together based on moral...

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Nathan Foust PHI 115 Professor Johnson Topic Argument #2 “An eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth,” this proposal originated around 1750 BC, and yet here in the 21 st century the most powerful nation in the world still clings to the idea. The idea of capital punishment is as outdated as Betamax; someone should finally break the news to the US government. Since 9/11 our president has said countless times that the terrorists “hate our freedom” and that is why they we were attacked. So it is interesting to see our names next to those of; Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, South Korea, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Vietnam as some of the only countries in the world who still allow the death penalty. The European Union has an outright ban on capital punishment, we are the only truly western nation who still allows the archaic practice, and so what is it that America still sees in this form of punishment? I personally believe that we should abolish the death penalty all
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Unformatted text preview: together based on moral objections and certain flaws in America’s capital punishment system. For instance, the idea that being against the death penalty disqualifies you from jury duty in a capital case screams bias in my opinion. When you bring up the idea of punishment before the trial even begins, it seems as if you are throwing out the presumption of innocence. I also believe that abolishing the death penalty would allow the United States to take a much firmer stance on torture. Even though it seems pretty obvious that torturing people is wrong, the debate is raging in this country. If we were to depart from our support of capital punishment, then maybe we could once and for all ban torture as well. All in all I believe that the purported benefits of capital punishment are far outweighed by its’ negative facets....
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PHI 115 Capital Punishment - together based on moral...

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