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STUDENT CONSENT FOR RELEASE OF STUDENT INFORMATION (Buckley Waiver) I hereby authorize the UCSD Economics Department to return my graded final examination/research paper by placing it in a location accessible to all students in the course. I understand that the return of my examination/research paper as described above may result in disclosure of personally identifiable information, that is not public information as defined in UCSD PPM 160-2, and I hereby consent to the disclosure of such information. Quarter Winter 2006 Course Economics 147 Date 3/23/06 Instructor Nora Gordon S t u d e n t I D # P r i n t N a m e S i g n a t u r e
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NAME: ___________________________ STUDENT ID #: ____________________ Economics 147: The Economics of Education Professor Nora Gordon Winter 2006 UC San Diego FINAL EXAMINATION There are a total of 75 points on this examination. I suggest you allocate one minute per point, but you may use the full 180 minute exam period. You may use calculators; you may not use notes, readings, or any other outside materials. Only exams written in ink will be considered for regrades. Please read the questions carefully and answer completely. For quantitative problems, show all your work and do not use any scrap paper. Your short-answer responses should be specific and concise. Points will be deducted for extraneous incorrect information. Good luck. Problems (40 points) 1. human capital/signaling (15 pts.) 2. school finance (20 pts.) 3. Las Olas School District has income of $50,000 per pupil. It can spend this income on education or on private consumption. (5 pts.) a. Below, draw the budget constraint for Las Olas with education spending per pupil on the vertical axis and private consumption per pupil on the horizontal axis,
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