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Glossary Terms Test: March 26, 2008 MUS 408 1. Absolute Melody -in Opera & Drama -independently conceived, self-sufficient melody -Wagner’s example: Rossini -absolute melody is bad b/c it concedes to the lazy listener and shows refusal of composer to shape musical thought to the needs of poetry/poetic intent -at least dance melody has a reason to preserve formulaic symmetrical structure 2. Absolute Music -pure music -Beethoven’s 9 th symphony has text… makes it better than just pure music -related to Feuerbach’s rejection of Hegel’s “absolute philosophy” (which was totally abstract) -absolute music totally divorced from its origins like dance/gesture/poetry/drama = bad b/c then it has no meaning 3. Artwork of the Future (Kunstwerk der Zukunft) -2 nd major aesthetic work … post-revolutionary 1849 -drawn from philosopher Feuerbach’s writings -builds on ideas found in = reformed musical drama that will be modern/more powerful counterpart to ancient Greek drama (but not a Greek revival) -this can only occur after social changes made (more ideological than aesthetic) -some arts have developed in an absolute way but further progress will only be achieved communally in furthering drama 4. Bar, Bar Form -traditional poetic song form of AAB -2 similar stanzas (Stollen) -followed by 3 rd contrasting stanza that concludes section (Abgesang) -perhaps repeated with new txt -used in Die Meistersinger -based on 15 th German singer guild practices but adapted -used on large scale too (2 short acts develop conflict, followed by 3 rd longer that provides resolution)
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5. Gesamtkunstwerk (total artwork) -developed from 1849-1851 (while in Zurich) -based on ideal of Greek tragedy that combined the ‘separate arts’ (poetry/dance/music) in the service of drama --- communal art -also communal socially, combining social/ethical/religion spiritually united the people -the separate arts would gain power from fusion & without it would be doomed to sterility & obsolescence 6. Gesture (Gebarde) -theatrical gesture (aka acting/mime/movement/improvisation) in drama and opera important to Wagner -gesture correlated to orchestral melody in Opera & Drama -motifs in the Ring about Wotan’s spear and the spear suggest actions/gestures accompany them (stamp spear down to assert authority, swing sword) -good gesture by a singer can transform a work
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REVIEW - Glossary Terms - Glossary Terms Test: March 26,...

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