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ethnographic research - making them come meet him. 3.)...

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CCJS105 – 0205 Nicola Smith October 17, 2006 Paper 2 – Ethnographic Research 1.) Ethnographic research is research that is done by going out into the field of interest and conducting interviews or other research. It is done so that the interviewer has a greater understanding of the conditions and situation for the subjects he is researching. 2.) Jacobs located and recruited his subjects but convincing one street drug dealer that he was “cool” and having his convince his friends that it was okay to talk to Jacobs. Jacobs would meet with the subjects in their neighborhoods instead of
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Unformatted text preview: making them come meet him. 3.) Although I do think that this type of research is very dangerous, I think that it is the only effective way to really get good information from reliable sources since most people who are involved in drugs and crime are not interested in going to an office building so that they can talk to some alleged researcher about their lives. A person who is approached in their own habitat is more likely to cooperate and talk to a researcher more honestly....
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