Gerontology Rough Draft

Gerontology Rough Draft - April 16, 2008 EDHD400 0401...

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April 16, 2008 EDHD400 – 0401 Professor Robertson-Tchabo Individual Case Study Rough Draft My father has always been a person I have had the utmost admiration and respect for. I have always believed that there was nothing that I could throw at him that he couldn’t solve. It was this infinite wisdom that I have always respected that drove me to choose my father as the subject of my case study. Being the youngest of five children I know that my dad has quite a bit of experience under his belt already although he barely made the age cutoff for being considered elderly, which I refrained from mentioning to him. He celebrated his 65 th birthday this past February 6 th entering into what we refer to as the young-old or “frisky” elderly. Along with his recent birthday he also celebrated his retirement after a long hard journey of raising money to send 5 children through school and college. I often get the response that I remind a lot of people of my father at my age. This leads me to believe that I will likely resemble him when I am his age as well. I will likely inherit his baldness, which is already apparent in my receding hairline, beer gut, tall stature and overall physique. My father also has a mustache which we have seen come and go a few times over the years, each time feels like two completely different people. My father seems to be loving his retirement and having the house all to himself during the days. He recently went out and upgraded his entertainment center and got the best package from Comcast cable since he knows he will be spending a significant amount of time on the couch. Luckily though, he is in great health and still has a bit of his
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This note was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course EDHD 400 taught by Professor Robertson-tchabo during the Fall '08 term at Maryland.

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Gerontology Rough Draft - April 16, 2008 EDHD400 0401...

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