Second test notes - Course notes#3 I Understanding of...

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Course notes #3: I. Understanding of moon/planets at Dawn of Space age (1957) 1. Thought lunar surf filled with dust and unsupportive of landing craft. Knew nothing of moons far side. 2. Thought that Mars had some type of life 3. Knew virtually nothing about rotation periods of mercury and Venus 4. Not all moons, rings, other features were known above required sending spacecraft to find out more info “Dreams of ships to sail the heavenly breezes” Early dreamers included Chinese, Arabs, Greeks, predominately military and ceremonial applies 17 th century Kepler and Galileo-established the “astronomy” necessary to journey into space 19 th century-H.G Wells and J. Verne wrote sci-fi stories of space travel using anti-gravity devices to leave earth. 20 th century-Konstantin TsiolKoviski- “Father of space Travel” develops models and theories concepts of liquid fueled rocket engines Mid-20 th century- Robert Goddard (US) F. Whehnervon Braun (Germany) Feb. 29 Cold War Era- Post WWII- U.S. vs. Russia - 1957-1958 International Geophysical Year (IGY) --gathering of world scientists, describe discoveries around the world. Pretty much everything about earth was understood at this time, so they started looking toward the skies. - Objective Launch Earth satellites, USA and Russia announced they were going to launch satellites. Both were successful, USA could have launched first but politics delayed the launch, so Russia launched Sputnik first. We knew we had ability to launch into space, we didn’t think Russia did. Russians were secretive about space program and shocked the world with Sputnik launch. October 1957 was the launch of Sputnik. Relatively large 184 pounds. We only planned on launching one at 31.5 pounds -Vanguard . In November, 1957, Russians launched Sputnik II. 1030+ pounds also had first life into space. “Laika the Dog” was first life into space.
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Second test notes - Course notes#3 I Understanding of...

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