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AG week 2 - Box 3.2 1 The disease occurs most commonly in...

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Jennifer Dinan 8/30/06 AG201 Week 2 Box 3.1 1. (True or False) Kwashiorkor really is the evil spirit which infects the first child when the second child was born. A: False 2. Why did the first born child tend to get sick and die after the second child was born? A: when the mother who has been nursing her first child bears a second child, she weans the first and puts the second on the breast. The first child soon begins to get sick because of the lack of protein that comes from the breast milk.
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Unformatted text preview: Box 3.2 1. The disease occurs most commonly in children from six to eighteen months of age in all the overpopulated city slums of the world. A. True 2. What is Marasmus disease? A: This disease basically causes you to waste away. It is caused by almost total deprivation of food. People with Marasmus disease cannot obtain the energy necessary to maintain their body systems and to allow them to grow properly....
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