question 7-12 ch. 4 - Alyssa Aston 7. What is the...

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Alyssa Aston 7. What is the relationship between oxygen consumption and energy production? Your oxygen consumption requires several minutes to reach the required level of energy. But your body’s oxygen requirements increase immediately the moment exercise begins. Because oxygen needs and oxygen supply differs during the transition from rest to exercise your body incurs an oxygen deficit even with low levels of exercise. Even after you finish your workout your body’s oxygen consumption does not decrease immediately. Oxygen consumption remains elevated temporarily. 8. What is lactate threshold? Lactate threshold is that point at which blood lactate production begins to exceed the body’s ability to clear or remove lactate, resulting in rapid increase in blood lactate concentrations above resting levels during exercise of increasing intensity. An example of this would be a runner might be required to run on the treadmill at different speeds with a rest between speeds. After each run, a blood sample is taken from his or her
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question 7-12 ch. 4 - Alyssa Aston 7. What is the...

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