Second test - Second test Chronological age Essential amino...

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Second test: Chronological age Essential amino acids Fat free mass: Body composition: 6 Nutrient Classes: -carbohydrates -fat (lipid) -Protein -Vitamins -Minerals -Water Balanced diet: Carbohydrates (50%) Protein (14%) Fat (36%) Carbohydrates: (Know 3) -It is a major energy source, particularly during high-intensity exercise -Its presence regulates fat and protein metabolism -The nervous system relies exclusively on carbohydrate for energy -Muscle and liver glycogen are synthesized from carbohydrate Windows for female athletes: -speed: 6-8 years and 11-13 (girls) 7-9 and 13-16 (boys) -endurance: 12-15 (girls) 14-16 (boys) -aerobic system: 10-14 (girls) 12-16 (boys) -skill: 8-11 yrs (girls) 9-12 (boys) P. 16 Box ABCs (agility, balance, and coordination and speed) of sports performance fundamentals of athletics (running, throwing, and jumping) KGB’s (kinaesthetic sense, gliding, buoyancy, and striking with an implement) CPK (catching, passing, kicking and striking with a body part) Physical literacy is a term that has been coined to summarise the successful acquisition and development. Physical Literacy is mastery of FUNdamental movement skills plus FUNdamental Sports Skills Fat main functions: (Know 3) -it is an essential component of cell membranes and nerve fibers -It is a primary energy source, providing up to 70% of our total energy in the resting state -It supports and cushions vital organs
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/18/2008 for the course PE 341 taught by Professor Nelson during the Spring '08 term at Southeast Missori State University.

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Second test - Second test Chronological age Essential amino...

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