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first draft standardized testing

first draft standardized testing - Aston 1 Alyssa Aston Dr...

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Aston 1 Alyssa Aston Dr. Pardee EN140-18 28 March 2006 Standardized Testing: Everyone knows the feeling of sitting in the classroom with only five more minutes left to complete a test. Most of us have taken some type of standardized tests whether in school or at work. Our society uses them to score a student, rank students, and in jobs they use them to see who is qualified. The most widely used standardized tests are used to assess language skill and reading readiness and achievement in various subjects (Perrone, V). Standardized testing placed in schools benefits all involved, and are a good thing. Standardized testing has been around for a long time. The first time that it is found to be used was in China in 2200 BC. The government put together written tests for citizens that were interested in being involved in the Civil Service; this was something that people looked at as a job to strive for (Ward). The tests lasted for over 4000 years this was until 1905 when they ended due to an educational reform movement. In the United States, we did not start using them until the 19 th century. Written entrance exams for government funded colleges and universities were introduced in Boston in 1845. Harvard used the first one in 1951 (Black). “The 1970's marked an advance in the accountability movement. However the 1980's shifted focus and authentic, alternative performance-based tests were emphasized. Today it is estimated that 140-400 million standardized tests are given in the US every year” (Black). Many questions and concerns arise with the issue of standardized testing, due to different opinions of people. People are concerned they are not clear or fair. The parents
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Aston 2 wonder if they give them information about their children’s learning capability.
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first draft standardized testing - Aston 1 Alyssa Aston Dr...

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