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four types of malnutrition - Iodine deficiency causes...

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Andy Beck Four Types of Malnutrition 1. Overnutrition is when someone takes in too many calories. The main or most common groups of people who are affected by this are those who have large incomes that live right here in the U.S. Someone, who is overnourished, consumes a diet of saturated fat, salt and sugar. If too much is taken in, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and atherosclerosis are the possible resulting illnesses. 2. Secondary Nutrition is a condition that prevents proper digestion or absorption of food. Common causes are diarrhea, respiratory illness, measles, and intestinal parasites. Loss of appetite, alteration of the normal metabolism, prevention of nutrient absorption, and diversion of nutrients to parasitic agents are all mechanisms that cause secondary malnutrition. 3. Dietary deficiency or micronutrient malnutrition is caused by lack of vitamin A which causes night blindness.
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Unformatted text preview: Iodine deficiency causes goiter and leads to a reduction in mental abilities and also, lack of iron causes reduced capacity to work, diminished ability to learn, increased susceptibility to infection and greater risk of death during pregnancy and childbirth. Other micronutrients like vitamin D deficiency cause rickets, vitamin C causes scurvy, and vitamin B causes beri-beri and pellagra are side effects. 4. Protein-Calorie nutrition is the underconsumption of calories or protein. This is mostly found in predominantly poor or low-income countries where poverty is widespread. There are two fatal nutritional disorders known as Kwashiorkor and marasmus. Kwashiorkor is found mainly in areas where the diet is heavily based on cassava or on plantains. Marasmus is found in poverty stricken areas were children are weaned on gruel that contains modest amounts of protein....
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