chp 1-2 - production and distribution of food Prosperity...

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Brittany Hastings Chapter 1-2 Four P’s Due: 01/29/07 The supply and demand theory is very essential in world hunger. The outcome of world hunger depends on the rate of population growth, as well as the rate of food production. If one grows at a much more rapid pace than the other, it could end world hunger or increase it. A few contributing factors to our world hunger problem lies with in the four P’s, population, prosperity, pollution or environmental quality and productivity on agriculture. Each one effects supply or demand. Having knowledge about the four P’s and what each can do, means getting more people involved as well as helping us become closer to closing the door on world hunger. Population affects food demand because if the population continues to grow then that means more food. Food is demanded in this situation because people have to eat. I think it could also effect supply too because more people could possibly contribute to the
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Unformatted text preview: production and distribution of food. Prosperity like population effects food demand as well. In today’s society, families are starting to see a larger income which leads to accessing abundant quantities of food and more of the essential food products much like meat. Pollution or environmental quality effects supply. If we continue to trash our natural water systems and don’t prepare our land, it could be susceptible to the dangers of the environment, therefore food and water cannot be produced and then we cannot supply the world with adequate food. Lastly, productivity of agriculture effects supply as well. The more fertilizer the farmer can add to the land, production of food will increase and if the farms are kept small, it will not take as long to cultivate and this means less man power to maintain the land....
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chp 1-2 - production and distribution of food Prosperity...

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