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AG 201 12/01/06 Homework – China’s Economic Reforms Dillivan Due: Friday, December 8 20 points Many people rightly assume that hunger and undernutrition result from poverty. And poverty elimination is generally thought to be accelerated by economic development. We have spent a couple of days watching a DVD that focused on China’s economic reforms. Now I would like for you to read a report that discusses these developments. Please answer the following questions after reading CRS Issue Brief for Congress . Available at (Note: the answers to these questions are found in the first part of the report) 1. How would you summarize China’s economy (including agriculture) prior to 1979?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. How would you summarize China’s economic reforms? 3. How would you summarize China’s economic growth since reforms were enacted? Has this helped China’s poor? 4. What were the two main causes of China’s economic growth? Briefly explain each of these. 5. And finally, Think about this after the semester is over . As you go about your business in the next couple of weeks (i.e. shopping), notice how many products are made in China. Products are required to have COOL (country of origin labels). You should notice that we import a lot from China (clothing, toys, footwear, electronics, etc.) Have your answers typewritten and I encourage you to submit your answers to the above four questions using DropBox....
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