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sofo questions - 6 What did you learn the most about in...

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1. Do you think that it is important for veteran teachers to be mentors for brand new teachers entering a new program? 2. Do you think that it is important for the curriculum for physical education teachers to be organized and previously planned out? 3. Why is it vital to have a quality amount of teachers throughout this country? 4. What type of things can veteran teachers help a new physical education teacher with? 5. Is there specific reason why teachers prepare so thoroughly for class?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What did you learn the most about in your semester of student teaching? 7. Do you think that a semester of student teaching is necessary? 8. Is there any type of advice that you can give me to help me better interact with my students? 9. Can you think of any reasons why it is necessary to change the curriculum every five years? 10. Have you gone to any type of clinic or extra teaching classes to help improve your way of teaching?...
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